Portrait painting is very personal and uncompromising. It is either an accurate representation of the subject, or it is not. Great care and time is taken to ensure that the essence of the individual is captured and that all uniform details are accurately represented.

We have found the most convenient starting point for a portrait, particularly when separated by significant distances, are a selection of high resolution and clear photographs. These may be old black and white photographs of a past relative, or colour photos of subjects from a more modern era. Regardless of source, the photo must be clear and contain sufficient detail to work from. 

The preferred medium is water colour on board (as illustrated to the left) but portraits may also be rendered in pencil, acrylic, or oil.

Figurine Sculptures

The primary sculpture service offered by Combat Colours is for miniature figurines, often referred to as maquettes.

Each sculpture subject is meticulously researched to ensure complete authenticity in appearance and that uniform details and equipment are accurate for the period depicted.

The first step in the design process, once all details have be finalized, is to produce a detailed sketch that captures the essence of the figure to be sculpted. From the sketch, design progresses to a clay mock up. It is at this stage the figure truly begins to come alive! Subtle changes to stance and visual balance can be made, ensuring the figure has equal appeal from all angles and is, of course, anatomically correct.

From clay we then move into the final sculpture. The materials used are mixed and varied, depending on the subject and the details required. Specialty waxes, epoxy resins, foam, wire, cloth, these are just some of the materials used in the process of producing an accurate representation of the subject. Photos are taken throughout this stage of the process to ensure there are no “surprises” at the end and the final product meets or exceeds all of the client’s expectations.